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Malta Scuba Diving. Explore great dive sites in Malta with one of the local scuba diving shops in Malta.
Scuba diving in Malta, schools, dive sites and more
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Scuba Diving in Malta

Dive Shops coming Soon …

Average air temperature : From  12C to 33C

Water temperature : From  14C to  25C

Water visibility :  5 to  40m

Best months to dive : from May till September {All year round diving}

Average dive price for a 2 tank dive: 60 euros


Type of Diving : Boat and shore


Suits : 3-5 mm wet

Best Dives 

They say Malta is the best dive you can do in the Mediterranean Sea

IMPORTANT: Diving in Malta is regulated by the Malta Tourism Authority, which has strict rules for the operation for dive service providers based on the European standard EN14467

Wreck Dives & Non Wreck Dives 

Anchor bay – cave – depth 14 mts – 20 min swim
Blue hole – shore dive
Carolita Barge ww2 wreck 3 – 21 mts – shore dive
Coral cave – 25 mts
Cirkewwa 7 different dive sites – crystal blue waters – ferry ride
Ghar Lapsi 2 dives – one reef- one cave – depth 15 mts
HMS Moari wreck – 16 mtrs
Inland sea -shore dive – cave depth 5 mts – 28mtrs
L’Ahrax Beach – cave – depth 20 mtrs
Patrol boat – 37 mtrs but can be achieved at 25mtrs -wreck
2 Tugs Marsacala – wreck – shore 21mtrs
UM El Faround {oil tanker} – wreck – 36 mtrs
Zurrieq’s Bell tower Cave – 28 mtrs – 3 different exits
Zurrieq Blue grotto
Anchor reef / Cominetto -boat – depth 15-36 mtrs
Anchor bay – shore – depth 2-12mtrs – vis 10-20mts
Azure window -depth 0-40m – visibility 30-50m
Billingshurt cave- shore / boat – depth 3-32mts
Blue grotto- shore / boat – depth 20-30mtrs
Blue hole and chimney walk – depth 6-40mtrs
Blenhiem bomber – Boat – depth 40-42 mts – vis 15-20mtr
Blue dome –shore / boat -depth 0-30mtrs
Blue lagoon – shore / boat – depth 3-14mtrs
Cominotto cave – depth 5-20mtrs
Cirkewwa arch –shore – depth 6-19mtr
Coral cave – shore -depth 10-30mtrs
Crocodile rock -depth – 10-40mtrs – vis 30-50mtrs
Crystal lagoon- boat -depth 2-15mtrs – vis 10-20mtrs
Dahlet corrot -shore –depth- 10-20mtrs – vis 2-12mtrs
Dawra tas sanap boat depth -10-40mtrs – vis 30-50mtrs
Double arch reef – shore / boat – depth 14-40mtrs -vis 25 -50mtrs
Dragonara cave – start from beach -4-18 mtrs
Elephant rock -depth 3-18mtrs

Fessel rock – wall dive – boat -depth 3-40mtrs -vis 20-35mts
Fungus rock – boat – depth 10-40mts – vis 30-50mts
Ghar lapsi – short swim – depth 5-16 mtrs
Hellespond – boat -depth 38-42mtrs -vis 10- 20mtrs
Hondoq bay – depth 3-12mtrs -vis 5-15 mtrs
Hms maori – shore / boat – depth 5-19mtrs – vis 10-15mtrs
Island sea – walking -boat depth 25-40mtrs
Imperial eagle – boat – depth 30-45mts -vis 20mts
Lantern point -depth 15-40mtr
Madonna / marfa caves – shore – depth 12-18mtrs
Migra ferha – shore / boat depth 4-40mts
Mv karwela – shore –depth 36-40mtrs – vis 25 -35mts
Mv cominoland – shore -depth 36-40 mtrs – vis 25-53
Reef inside – boat – depth 3-22mtrs – vis 2-15mts
Reqqa point – depth 18-40mtrs – vis 30-50mtrs
Qawra bay shore – depth 2-10mts -vis 2-15mtrs
Santa maria caves – boat – 5-20mts
SS le polynesien –boat – depth 55-70mt – visabilty 20-40mtr
Slugs bay
St michaels tugboats 18-22mts
Smugglers cove -depth 2-10mtrs
Ten wreck -depth 18- 20mtrs
Tugboat rozi – depth 0-38mtrs
UM-el-faroud – shore / boat -depth 12-35mtrs
White reef – boat -depth 12-27mtr
Xlendi cave – shore – depth 2-18mtrs – vis 5-30mtrs
Xatt l-ahmar – depth 5-33mtrs

General Info

Language : Maltese and English

Time : GMT + 1

Currency: Euro

Weather : from 12c to 33c

Driving : Is on the left

Electrical power : 240 volts

Average rainfall :  0 to 110cm

Are visas are required : No

Places to stay :


Nightlife : Artists from all over the world are now gracing Malta with their presence, which in turn is attracting lots of crowds – DJ’S LIKE Paul Oakfield Tiesto Van Heill fly in for weekends performances. The centre of these activities is in a place called Paceville, St. Julians.
Band music is also very popular, local bands get together when they have the Parish fiesta to show off their talents, classical music is played in the Baroque Churches and the theatre is known for its performing arts.


Food : Mediterranean cuisine