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Travel Insurance

Let’s keep this short and sweet, as most of you already know that it is ADVISABLE to get travel insurance. However, if yo uare planning on doing some diving whilst away, your run of the mill travel insurance policy will probably not include scuba diving and if it does, then it will probably be at the most basic level only.

So, if you need scuba diving insurance click here.

Ok, back to your travel insurance.

As with anything, you will need to shop around a little here to get the best deal. Most families buy travel insurance at the same time as booking their trip or flights. I know it is the easy option, but for the sake of just a little digging around you can find annual policies which allow you to travel as and when you want without any major restrictions, unless your trip will be for more than 2 months.

I paid just £203 for worldwide annual cover this year which includes £10 million for emergency medical cover and £2 million in Personal Liability cover.

Ultimately you get what you pay for and there are no doubt cheaper and more expensive policies out there. It is all about which policy is right for you.