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About Us

No-one looks good in a wet suit, but when you are doing something so cool who cares?

About Our Company

Scuba diving is the most exhilarating thing I have ever tried and it is something I wish I could do every day.

But finding out about what is available, what to buy, where to go, types of courses, where are the best dive sites and a whole host of other things means scouring the old ‘interweb’ for what seems like days.

Scuba Divings Cool is my attempt to bring together all of the resources that aspiring, qualified and professional diver might require.

Our Services

Scuba Schools & Courses
Scuba Dive Shops
Scuba Vacations
Online Dive Gear

About Our Company

Scott Mason


A keen diver who aspired to become an instructor and open his own dive school. Unfortunately ongoing sinus problems have currently brought things to a halt.
Even after surgery, Scott suffers from pressure headaches when diving and was forced into doing something different.
Unwilling to walk away from the dive scene Scott set up Scuba Divings Cool in order to keep his interest alive.

Scott Mason

Marketing Manager

As Scuba Divings Cool is still a small and somewhat niche company, Scott gets to wear several hats in the business world, marketing being one of them. He is most likely who dive shops, schools and suppliers will be speaking to and dealing with.



Security is headed up by Zeus, who is just a little larger now than when this photo was taken.

Thank You’s

My Family

For putting a foot up my backside when needed, being there for my operations and for the ongoing support with the business.

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The photography on Scuba Divings Cool has for the most part been provided by David Pita, a close friend, dive buddy and underwater adventurer extraordinaire.

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Our Users

It is still early days, but great oaks can grow from little acorns. So here is a big shout out to the early adopters who have helped us get this far.

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