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When it comes to accessories in scuba diving the only thing that will stop you is your bank manager saying “NO!”


There is absolutely everything and anything?   But what you have to remember is at the end of the day you have to carry it or have a clip to attach it to – so from go pro cameras to digital watches – digital carry-on luggage scales – digital watches digital compasses – glow stick – noise makers – battery operated everything  strobe / torches – mask bag  – suit shampoo – aqua glue – whistles – fin straps – knifes –  handles – buoys – fish charts, as I said the list is endless for  accessories and finding something new is always exciting to experiment with.


We understand that divers need to have diving accessories, as much as having the essential dive gear. We have put together a huge selection of specially designed diving accessories to enhance your diving experience. Our diving accessories are designed to make your dives more exciting and comfortable plus they are designed to keep you safe and free from harm.


Some accessories we supply include clips, locks, rings, straps, protectors and underwater pencils. Our accessories may not be needed on every dive however we know that they will without a doubt be of use to you at some point or another. We set out to make your time below the water as enjoyable and memorable as possible so that you can treasure those moments forever.


With our diving accessories you can rest assure that you will be fully equipped for every dive you take. Preparing yourself properly will not only ensure your safety but your level of enjoyment too.


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