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Scuba Diving in Asia


The door way to a lot of Asia’s well known and striking dive destinations include the Maldives -Sipadam -Manado -Phuket the Philippines and Malaysia and many more including Thailand.

Out of the 800 or so different species coral known to man, three quarters are found in Asian waters there is a plentiful marine ecosystem that extends over thousands of kilometres that spans over many countries makes Asia one of the top places to experience for the scuba fanatic.


The coral reefs in Southeast Asia are some of the most important on the planet thanks to their diversity and productivity.





Situated at the core of the Indo-Pacific basin, lies one of the richest marine habitats in the world.

  • Sipadan is resident to over 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species it is constantly heralded as one of the top dive spots on the planet.
  • Barracuda Point Coral Garden with its richness of multi-coloured marine life
  • Manado is the main gateway to discovering exciting marine wildlife Bunaken Marine Park. Where you can find over seventy per cent of the fish species
  • Donsol – the “whale shark capital of the world
  • The Maldives has grown into one of the world’s leading scuba diving destinations, mainly because the wealth of astounding white sand beaches, coral reefs, clear blue warm waters
  • Philippines Known to have over 7,100 islands, white sandy beaches, black sandy beaches, palm trees.


Malaysia is regarded one of the world’s top dive destinations. As it includes many things to explore including coral gardens, sloping reefs and pinnacles. You can also indulge in cave and wall dives to deep wrecks the crystal warm water hosts striking marine life which can only be found in this region


Asia is definitely a place to consider for your next dive holiday. Come and discover untold beauty and a diverse marine life.