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Australasia and Oceania


Scuba Diving in Australia 


Australia is part of the commonwealth and comprises of the mainland thousands of islands plus the island of Tasmania.
It is the world’s sixth largest country and boasts over 22,000 miles of coastline making it the water sports capital of the world. Australia has over seven thousand beaches, an incomparable diversity in terms of both land and ocean environments and absolute bliss for scuba divers of all standards.

Scuba diving around the Great Barrier Reef is a major dream for millions of divers; attracted by the warm waters and the chance to come face to face with giant turtles, sharks and some of the most beautiful coral anywhere on the planet.
Other popular areas include the west of Australia around Perth where divers can party alongside huge whale sharks which measure up to 18 metres. These are the genuine giants of the deep and awe-inspiring to dive with.
Byron Bay on the north coast of Australia is now known as the main competitor to the Great Barrier Reef, renowned for its tropical waters and 15 -20 metre visibility.

Southern Australia should not be left out and the town of Huskisson on Jervis Bay is home to many live-a-boards which provide excellent scuba diving trips to the islands in the area.


Due to its sheer immensity and location Australia is ideal for scuba divers throughout the year.
English is the main language spoken – money to take is the Australian dollar.

turtles in Australia