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BCD stands for buoyancy control device,  this is one of the main things you need when you are going diving . Basically it is a piece of equipment  containing a bladder  and the bladder you can fill with air to keep you neutrally  buoyant under the water or positively buoyant on the surface. You control this badder  when you attache it to the BCD inflator hose. You can inflate or deflate the bladder depending what you  want.  It is very easy to do,  push one button and it fills with air until you let go off the button.  If you carry on filling the bladder with air there are normally 3 escape valves on your new bcd because if these weren’t there and you kept filling your BCD … your BCD would explode… BOOM… and would have no further use.


These 3 escape valves will release some of the air, not all of it because then you would sink like  rock.  To get rid of the air,  there is a button right next to the inflation button. Normally these buttons are blue and red  – Blue is to fill and red is to deflate



Bcds that are typically seen today  have been around  since 1971 and were produced by scubapro.


In early 1961 BCD’s were inflated by mouth  instead of the inflation hose,  but  later versions  had their own air inflation cylinder. Some of them had carbon dioxide inflation cartridges  this idea was ditched because the diver could not breath from the BCD.


In 1972  a company called water gill  made a at pac wing , the first wing styled BCD and this cam with  padded shoulder straps and your weight pockets. Scubapro  made a more stable BCD jacket  in 1997 and these are the jackets we use today.  A 360°  design for air flow to go all around the jacket evenly.


The recent BCD’s all include weight pouches to adjust your weights  instead of using a weight belt.


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