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Cage Diving

Cage Diving

Cage diving – noun

“The activity of being lowered into the sea in a protective steel cage in order to view sharks or other dangerous sea creatures at close range.” { Oxford dictionaries}

My dad often says, for quite a few scenarios “what could possibly go wrong “and in the case of being dropped into a metal cage just under the water’s surface….and waiting for “JAWS”…… I presume a lot ….

A cage used for viewing great whites needs to be extremely strong. They are typically built from strong metal tubing and are built for a serious beating and high velocity ramming from fish weighing several tonnes.

This is attached to the boat with easy access from above. The top part of the cage is usually on the surface of the water, allowing non-divers to experience 5,000 lbs of muscle coming to towards them at high speeds as you ready you’re GoPro and hit record. It’s not until you get back to the surface that you discover your picture is a white/ grey blur ….

Scientists have commented that with the combination of the cage and feeding the sharks to entice them, apparently is associating food with humans, and could possibly encourage shark attacks…..

Accidents or incidents can occur but if you do your homework and also check out the safety records of the operators you’re intending to use … at least you know you’re in the best possible hands. Enjoy and make sure you log it in your divers manual.


If you have any stories to tell about cage diving and pictures to show send us a line and we will post them……