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Central America / Caribbean

c.america-caribbeanScuba Diving in Central America

Central America is surrounded by the warm waters of the Pacific to the west and the Atlantic Ocean / Caribbean to the east


The Belize Barrier reef was voted one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Underwater World’ and is home to over 500 species of reef fish plus 86 species of hard and soft corals; and not forgetting the famous Blue Hole which is part of the 900 km long Meso-American Reef System, running from Cancun in the north to Honduras in the south. Whale sharks can be found between April and May and are a fantastic badge of honour for any diver to see.


Costa Rica has lots to offer including hump back whales and Manta rays the Isla del Coco take a trip on a live-a-board for several days. This trip is for the more determined divers as it takes 32-36 hours sailing to travel the 300km from Costa Rica. Playas del Coco, not to be mistaken for the islands is a good point to start your adventures which includes Catalina Islands this is also a popular spot for people to see the leatherback turtles.


Central America is well known amongst experienced divers and with more dive centres becoming available beginners are now having the chance to enjoy the joys and discovery of that area.



When most scuba divers in the western world think of diving, the Caribbean is towards the top of the list of must do, warm water diving experiences. The Caribbean offers everything from wreck in the Bahamas to reef dives off any one of the islands.

Cuba is often overlooked yet boasts some of the best diving in the Caribbean thanks to warm, clear waters and little pollution. Areas to try include Cayo Largo, Isla de la Juventud and Varadero.

Nearby Dominican Republic offers excellent diving along its coastlines and one of the top dives being Silver Bank where hundreds of humpback whales meet to breed during the winter months.

Bonaire offer excellent shore diving and the Cayman Islands was voted the best overall dive spots in the Caribbean.


The choice is endless and all yours …. So where will you be heading?