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Clips and lanyards

Clips and Lanyards

Clips and lanyards are important pieces of equipment for divers and gadgets which need to be carried at all times. Everything needs to be attached to something or to you at some point, so as to keep your hands free while you explore. You need to concentrate on more important things such as depth time instead of where’s my knife or camera for that shark that suddenly appears from nowhere ……


Clips and lanyards come in various materials; stainless steel, rubber plastic and in different colours. They should be quick and easy to release, using one hand. There are numerous styles, trigger snap, swivel hook, in a reel form split ring for example. You will be able to find a clip or lanyard for practically any piece of equipment you need to attach something to and don’t forget your hoses.


By the time you have got everything attached and clipped onto you, you could be a diving clip attachment gadget man/woman…


Clips & Lanyards for sale


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