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Scuba Dive Clothing to keep you looking cool in and out of the water.
For men, women and the kids, when diving you might need extra protection. For example under your dive suits, a layer system to keep you warm might be a good idea, such as thermals. When you come out and need to warm up fleeces are great for that feel good factor when you are sipping on something warm to get the blood flowing better.


Boots for protecting your feet just in case you have to put your foot down unexpectedly don’t want to be standing on something spiky or not being able to walk or dive because your foot has swollen up like a puffer fish, hoods to keep your head warm as you should know is where lots of your body heat disappears from and gloves for protection which can be bought in different levels of thickness?


There are lots of casual t-shirts with numerous different logos or designs, hoodies to keep the heat from escaping – or if you are somewhere warm a dry pair of shorts for you to show off that tan.



Dive clothing is down to personal choice and experience, you know from past dives which suits you best but its better to be prepared than get caught out and I’m sure you would agree as a diver we always look cool in the latest gear.



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