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Bags for Scuba Divers.

Find the ideal bag for your scuba gear and the rest of your stuff.


Dive Bags

As you can imagine you’re going to have a lot of gear to carry. Your dive bags need to be durable and hard wearing and sections  need to be waterproof, because you’re going to be carrying important documents that really should not be getting wet. Your dive bag will be traveling everywhere with you; from home to the airport, thrown in the back of vans and probably dragged along sandy beaches to a boat. Your bag should be well thought of and made from materials which fit the requirements of your lifestyle and diving experiences.

From the zippers being strong enough and capable of containing your gear – sturdy handles – drain holes – wheels for ease – weight bearing straps – pockets for smaller gadgets – waterproof pockets or separate attachments – back pack design – carry style and the material being able to withstand heavy lifting…..there is a lot to be considered when buying your dive bag.
Your dive bag needs to be of quality as it will be carrying some expensive kit which needs to be cared for!


Of course you may need s bag for the rest of your stuff, so take a look at what’s on offer.


Dive Bags


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