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Dive Gloves

Dive Gloves

Dive Gloves come in different thickness between 1.5mm to 7mm
1.5mm = mainly for protection in warmer waters
3mm = to be warm and still have movement

7mm = colder water with thermal materials for warmth and insulation

Dive gloves are made from different materials and there are various models for different situations. When buying this item consideration needs to be taken on your main diving activities or your dive bag will be full of unnecessary items, filling up valuable space, or you could simply buy gloves for all diving occasions. Your dive gloves are for protection against the odd scrape or cut or even sting, they also must provide warmth and allow you to move your fingers without restrictions, the palms of the gloves should be reinforced. In colder climes the suggested material would be neoprene for insulation and make sure the seal is good enough not to let the water sneak through with the use of Velcro.


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