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Dive Knives

Dive Knives
Dive knives are important tools in diving; they can be used to free yourself if the need arises i.e. seaweed or fishing line/net. A diver needs to know how to use his /her knife safely as to avoid unwanted accidents above and below the water. The knife should have a sheath for mounting to your equipment or if attaching to your body it must fit snuggly and you should be able to free it with one hand. Your knife should be both serrated and smooth so as to slice or saw. A metal handle so it doubles up as a hammer, so if you need to be noticed, you can bang on something so that the noise carries.


Most diving knives are stainless steel which as you know, will rust over a period of time, your knife should be maintained for optimum use and if your wallet can stretch to it, titanium will give you lasting quality.
When traveling with your equipment, remember knives are treated as weapons regardless, of whether it is a diving knife or not. Never travel with it in your hand luggage. Always check with the airline your traveling with about the different regulations that apply.


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