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Dive Masks

Dive Masks


Scuba Diving Masks for sale. From kids to adults, basic to the latest designs.
A dive mask is an essential piece of equipment – One that literally opens yours eyes to the hidden treasures waiting for you under the surface.
Most dive masks are made to fit all faces, so buying online is not necessarily a bad idea, it opens up the variety and quality and prices ranges you could only find online.


A dive mask should be made of tempered glass which is capable of withstanding pressures and everyday use. The skirt colour is usually black because it can cut out peripheral light and it is made from silicon for durability against the salty waters. Also out there is hypo allergic silicon for those latex suffers.


Your choice of mask – low or high profile – depends on the efficiency to stop drag. A low profile mask is preferable and is easier to equalize as less air space is available. Masks range from having one lens up to six which enables the user to have corrective lenses put in place if necessary.


A purge facility can be included in your mask but you can clear water out just as well without – a ‘canted–in bottom’ helps with optimal viewing – also your mask should compromise of an enclosed nose for adjustment of pressure. For added comfort your mask should have a wide strap with a buckle adjustment.


Dive Masks for sale


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