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Drift Diving

Drift diving


Drift diving can be very relaxing, being swept along. If you’re drifting with the current you’re going to be using less air, therefore staying longer under the water. With the odd kick of your fins and with a neutral buoyancy you’re being swept along with the current just like the turtle in Nemo “totally cool dude” …. Swimming against the current, means that you will use more air; for example if you have traveled a distance from your boat, or you’ve somehow managed to break away from your group.

“Slowly drifting away
Wave after wave, wave after wave….”

Do you recognise the lyrics?


Anyway back to the topic in hand, Drift diving, normally when you set out to dive, your equipment and technique comes into play. On this occasion not so much, your location and the current are key;  oh and the boat.

Choose your captain well as he or she will need to have an excellent knowledge of the local currents. Normally the captain will follow the bubble flow, but it is advisable to have a signal flag or an inflatable marker attached with a reel, so as you are ascending the captain knows exactly where you are, also your signal flag lets other boats in the area that divers are around….

Staying close to your buddy or within  a group is advisable, a knowledge of the currents yourself – how to navigate using a compass – sticking to your dive  plan you’ve agreed to and remember to keep an eye on the time and where you are  !!

Your boat captain should know local laws about surface markers buoys, but as in any dive your safety is paramount and it is really down to yourself especially when diving in a new area. So do your homework and your sums and follow a safety mind-set.

Don’t forget your camera as you never know what might be drifting alongside you……


Any stories to tell please let us know ….

BTW … the song was Waves by Mr Probz