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Far East

Scuba Diving in the Far East


The Far East is an English term mostly describing East Asia and Southeast Asia, with South Asia sometimes also included for economic and cultural reasons.

When we think of the Far East we think of vivid colours, exotic things of beauty warm weather and warm waters and something a little out of the ordinary; not to mention the dreaded ‘deli- belly’ …… the Far East consists of South East Asia, China and Japan, so Indonesia Malaysia Philippines, Thailand and the Maldives; thousands of islands will definitely have to be on the ‘to-do’, places for diving. The price ranges can be from one extreme to the other; from enjoying basics with the locals who live from day to day catching the fish of the day with their cormorants diving for supper, to indulging in some of the best hotels in the world, where only the finest food is served.

The Far East has an exceptional ecosystem to explore which includes opulent corals hidden treasures turtle’s, sharks, pelagic’s, macro life and much more is open to the experienced diver to the beginner. Most dives are reached by boat or you can enjoy your time on a liveaboard

Indonesia is the most time-consuming journey but well worth the effect as it hosts a quarter of the world’s coral reefs

Even Thailand cannot escape the Climate change culture which is being blamed for the effects and damage of some of the reefs. In the Philippines the use of cyanide and dynamite fishing has caused a lot of destruction to the coral and reefs. We are our own worst enemy for spoiling beautiful things that we take for granted but there is still a lot of unspoilt paradise and marine life to look for. Just don’t take too long to discover, as they might not be there in years to come! Don’t forget the camera!



Things to look out for:

March – Hammerhead sharks can be found at Lavang Lavang Malaysia

April through May – Manta rays in Bali

May to July – a possibility of seeing bull sharks at Koh Samui

August – Sipadan, Malaysia more than usual green turtles as its mating season and then again in September for hatching

September through to November – in Bali, Sun fish or Mola-Mola

January to December dolphin’s, barracuda, jackfish and sometimes pilot whales – Philippines


As always do your homework before you go anywhere in the world be prepared and be safe and get that stamp for your dive book to show the grand-kids when it’s time to reminisce of the marvels you saw in the Far-east ….