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Nitrox Diving

Experience the benefits of Nitrox and get an introduction into the world of cutting edge technical diving. This is the next step up from recreational diving. Packed with information it is aimed at the recreational diver wishing to enhance and hone their diving skills.
This formerly professional only gas is used now for the more determined recreational divers. You will learn how to use this mix with total security


Are you ready? Things are about to get either a tad complicated or interesting depending on your mind set.


Humans breathe a mixture of Nitrogen (79%) and Oxygen (21%) which together we call air. This is fine until we go underwater, as you will know from when you took your Open Water or equivalent course. The deeper you go the more dangerous things become and this is why divers use Enriched Air Nitrox, which is an increased amount of Oxygen (typically around 32%) and less Nitrogen.


Understanding Nitrox diving is learning how to safely manage this additional Oxygen in the mix and how it affects the decompression for the diver.


We could get into calculating atmospheres of pressure, PP02, MOD, EAN and a whole host of other things but we feel that you will be much better learning about all of this in a professional setting and from people with much more experience with it than us.