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Scuba Diving in Panama

WOW, so you are thinking of going scuba diving in Panama! Well you are in for a treat, because with a host of coral reefs (hard and soft corals), wreck diving, whale diving and some of the most colorful fish around, you are going to remember this trip for ever. Just watch out for the lionfish, we don’t want any medical evacautions do we?

Scuba Diving in Bocas del Toro
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Bocas del Toro Dive Shops

La Buga


Bocas Dive Center

Scuba Diving in Islas Perlas
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Scuba Diving in San Blas
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Average air temperature : From  C to C

Water temperature : From  C to  C

Water visibility :  to  m

Best months to dive :

Average dive price for a 2 tank dive:


Type of Diving :


Suits :

Best Dives

Wreck Dives

 Non wreck dives

General Info

Language :

Time : GMT


Weather :

Driving :

Electrical power :

Average rainfall :  

Are visas are required :

Places to stay :


Nightlife :


Food :