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Photographic Diving

Taking photos underwater is an art form, which will take some serious practice if you want to get some great shots, you know when you’re taking a photo on dry land and you’ve accidentally cut off someone’s head, or you’ve took a picture of some ones feet, and it was supposed to be a ‘full head to toes body’ picture and to boot it’s out of focus … well try doing it underwater, whilst breathing through a regulator and being tossed around on invisible currents.


You might get lucky, press the trigger and capture that perfect picture but chances are, it will be a better idea to get a course under your belt, so you don’t make unnecessary mistakes, and miss that shot!


The cameras these days are getting better – and smaller – but depending of the level of photography that you wish to achieve, you will need to do some research in to what type of camera is best for you. I know its common sense, but please remember to buy the watertight casing, that goes with the camera ….


These underwater cameras are not cheap, although they are coming down in price, so make sure you buy an underwater camera which meets all of your requirements.


One hurdle you will come across is the loss of colour and contrast when underwater as the light refracts in a different way at depth. You can try wide-angle lenses, macro lenses and even have a bash at some flash photography if you want a real challenge.


While taking all these amazing pictures, you still have to have your ‘safety head’ on, where you are, your surroundings, your bottom time etc. So don’t get caught out and keep safe !


Please share some of your stories of about your underwater photographic challenges if you’re feeling generous.