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Regulators are essential to diving.

A diving regulator is a pressure regulator used in scuba diving this equipment was made specially to minimize pressurized breathing so you can breathe it normally


A full regulator is the first stage that attaches to your tank. It is a clever piece of equipment as it reduces the tanks air pressure to a bearable pressure, second stage Mouth piece you breathe from, alternate air source. It is advisable to have a Spare mouth piece for your buddy just in case.. A Low pressure hose connects to your bcd for control, also if you have a dry suit you will attach another hose to control your air in your dry suit..


Maintenance is important, you don’t want anything to go wrong underwater.. so make sure you keep them clean and serviced..

An advisory note regulators will work in warm and cold waters but colder water than 10`c it will malfunction so please be aware.


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