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Scuba Diving Insurance

Scuba Diving Insurance

Whether you are a beginner, Open Water or a Pro, having scuba diving insurance is an essential part of being a sensible diver. Accidents can happen at anytime and in any place. Human nature tells us that it will never happen to us, but each year divers just like you needed scuba diving insurance.

Many professional dive centers will not accept you on a dive unless you have scuba diving insurance and we agree with this viewpoint. So should you!

Although the vast majority of ‘vacation dives’ rarely go below 30 metres, we recommend that you get cover for at least 40 metres in depth. Who knows, perhaps you will get an opportunity to dive a unique site which you would kick yourself for missing due to he wrong policy or n even worse should there be an accident and you are not covered.

Please note that scuba diving insurance IS NOT the same as travel insurance and standard travel insurance policies will not provide you with the cover that you need. For travel insurance click here.

There are a number of excellent scuba diving insurance companies who will provide stand alone diving insurance which can accompany your travel insurance. Policies are typically for 1 month, 6 months or annually. Although these scuba diving insurance policies may offer ‘no depth limits’, dives over 80 metres should be supported and typically anything under 130 metres may require prior agreement with the underwriters of the insurance company.

These specialist companies will also cover your equipment, which given the cost of things nowadays is more than important.

PADI recommends DAN (Divers Alert Network ) Insurance and Vicencia & Buckley  for your scuba diving insurance needs.

BSAC recommends Bishop Skinner Marine , as they have tailored a package together

SDI/TDI/ NAUI recommend Willis Recreational Diving Insurance

SSI recommends Witherspoon & Associates


Buying scuba diving insurance from the first company you come across can be easy, but as with any insurance, if the policy is not as ‘tailor-made’ for you as possible, you could be wasting your money. Check around and get quotes from various companies before spending your hard earned money.

Good luck.