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Shore Diving

Shore diving is the most common and easiest way to enter the water..
When you have all you’re equipment prepared, ask the instructor or Dive Master or you’re Buddy what your plan is.


  • Where you are going?
  • How deep is it?
  • Where you are entering the water?
  • Where you are exiting the water?
  • You need to be aware of tides and currents.
  • Have a compass ready just in case you need to find you’re way back to the boat if you’re exiting via boat.
  • Also a good snorkel might be an asset, as you don’t want to be wasting valuable air from your tank!


All of this gathering of information is so you’re all on the same page and you can enjoy the dive instead of worrying about the details.

When walking to the water don’t use too much energy, because don’t forget that your equipment weighs quite a bit.

Before you enter the water make sure you do a buddy check… and make sure your tank is on and filled properly!!

Be careful when entering the water, with the waves braking, they will or might knock you over and that’s just inconvenient… Plus, you might also damage your equipment.

Don’t put you’re fins on just yet… Fill your BCD and make sure your straps are correct. Put your fins on for ease when you start floating.

Go enjoy !!


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