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Snorkelling is a recreational activity which gives a person the options of exploring under the surface without using diving gear. It is suitable for all age groups.

A snorkel is a rubber / plastic tube normally 30 cm long and even stretching to 40 cm and up to 2.5 cm in diameter that aides breathing, when ‘toing and froing’ around the surface. The tube is in the shape of a “J” it is fitted with a mouth piece and a clip that attaches to a face/ diving mask. Most tubes automatically block water from entering the tube when you go under the water.

Snorkelling with fins would be helpful, and for the divers out there, they come in handy when you have surfaced, but your boat is some distance away.


Snorkelling Bags

Snorkelling bags are best made from lightweight material but strong and hard-wearing, as these bags, normal day to day usage is carrying equipment, getting wet, getting covered in sand then being washed, and then laid in the sun – so over a period of time a poor quality one is not going to last the test of time. They come in different colours and different materials such as mesh or nylon, normally three different types are found, one of which is a backpack type, a duffel and a carry. They vary in size but they should be able to hold a set of fins possible two dive masks and snorkels and other essential items, also available are water tight bags to carry important items that should not be getting wet.


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